22.01.16 — Journal

Winter Finally Hits

With the British weather being predictably unpredictable, our winter has begun to rear it’s chilly head now that January is nearly over. No fear though, for it gave us the opportunity to don some gloves, strap weird bandana things to our faces, and head out over the whitening hills.


I do apologise in advance for the seeming drabness of this post – I popped most of the photos in greyscale, as the dusting of snow and the dreary skies rendered colours utterly pointless for the most part. Anyway – we soon crested the first (big) hill, and the winds were picking up, and so with mountain rescue on speed-dial, we slipped and slid our way down to the reservoir…

Reaching the summit
My dad ambling along alone

Like I say, there really isn’t all that much interesting to see – if you’re not a fan of snow then this might be the worst blog post you have ever read (in which case please don’t be mad, just head here and bask in the warm glow of the Spanish sun instead. That’s better.)

Towards the water
Across the reservoir

As pretty as I found our little winter amble over the dunes, we were all very pleased to be back in the central heated haven of Worsthorne. As ever, though, I was’t one for staying stuck in at home twiddling my thumbs for long, and headed into work, where I took joyous pleasure in splashing around in the car park puddles and probably looking like a total moron to everyone sat in the foyer looking out.

What an excellent puddle

Today has been a busy day of working away and sorting out my huge archive of old projects, photos, and files, and so I decided to get up and away from my desk for a few minutes to take some photos of a lovely sunset which I could see forming outside. With my huge Doc Martens however, by the time I’d gotten into the fields it was already pretty dull, and so I instead took the opportunity to play around doing some light drawing for the first time ever!

For those not in the know, light drawing is where you take a long exposure photo (so the shutter is open for a few seconds), and then using a torch, you can draw shapes in the air! With typography being one of my interests, I decided to try and draw a rather curly iteration of my name – and I’m quite pleased with the result!

Light drawing in the countryside

This may end up as some kind of experimental typography project, I have yet to decide…

That’s all from me for the evening, however, as I have just smashed a couple of sad looking bananas into a milkshake, and I plan on now consuming that whilst watching some car-crash TV before bed. Bliss.