15.01.16 — Journal

Eating & Cooking & More Eating

In a furiously quick series of events leading on from a busy Christmas, the main theme seems to be the sheer amount of delicious food that I have somehow managed to consume. I am definitely not one for a New Year’s diet…

Things began with an amazing New Year’s surprise for Luisa, where the whole graphics gang (Rhea, Izzy, Me, Emily and Lu) were reunited in a surprise reunion! With no idea that Rhea was over from Dubai, and Izzy up from down south, Luisa hosted a great party and we all saw in 2016 together (with a bowl of spicy Spaghetti Bolognese in hand…)

Soon thereafter I was back at home, cooking up some batches of chilli and tapas dishes, as a sudden craving for all things spicy and garlicky seems to have taken over.

Chilli and a jacket
Gambas Píl Píl

After some time gorging myself on an array of Hispanic dishes at home, I headed back over to Leeds once more to meet Luisa and Rhea for an old favourite – the Belgrave Street Feast! Once there, I loaded up one the best jerk chicken I’ve ever tasted, and we settled down for a chat and a catch up…

Jerk chicken
Lu and Rhea

Luisa’s boyfriend Woody joined us before long, and we all had a good old chat whilst I saw some footage from “Back To The Future”, a film I’ve still not seen to this day… I was informed that it was the second film, and that I was looking at a vision of 2015… Interesting. All too soon I had to leave, however, and head back to Burnley.

Evil couple
Lighting outside Belgrave

Back in Lancashire once again, it was soon my mum’s birthday – (age withheld for fear of my life). For this, me and Ellie had bought her a lovely Skagen watch, but I took the opportunity to make a lovely lemon cake, and decorate the house a little for some surprises provided by my dad…

Lemon cake
Pretend you can't see the age

My dad’s surprises included the lovely bunch of flowers seen above, but most originally (and in the Lancashire spirit) consisted of a birthday cake – or should I say pie! My dad had been to my mum’s favourite restaurant and ordered a huge custom cheese and onion pie, which went down a treat!

Birthday pie

That evening, however, there was no time for pie, as we headed out for a lovely Italian meal to celebrate. Visiting one of our local favourite hotspots, we were joined by my auntie and uncle, my sister’s boyfriend and my partner in crime Danni…

Squad goals
The troublesome twins

A lovely meal of prawn cocktail, cannelloni and birthday cake ensued, and we all returned home suitably stuffed. I should really now try to loose some weight, however I know that that shan’t be happening so long as there’s cake and pie lingering around downstairs! I leave you with a photo of Burnley looking beautiful in a touch of winter sun…