23.12.15 — Journal

Festive Ambling

I was rudely awoken this morning by my sister who decided that she was going with her friend, Lucy, for a wander around our local reservoir, Hurstwood Reservoir. I decided I wasn’t happy with her wandering by herself, and so took the opportunity to get out of bed and go for a wander.

Heading into Hurstwood
Little Britain

Lucy had brought her boss’ dog, Benji, along for a walk, and I had brought my camera (naturally). We headed through the village of Hurstwood and headed through the forest up to the reservoir, having a good old chat and catch up along the way…

The dunes

The beautiful surroundings, however, were soon marred by our idiocy once the camera had come out…

Look at this dog

Look at this excellent dog!

Having a laugh
The face of despair

After fooling around by the water’s edge, we thought it best to move on along. I got really excited and jumped in a puddle, having forgotten that my Docs now have a hole in them, and so had to squelch my way back home.

Also, Ellie nearly fell down a hill, Lucy dropped some chocolate in the mud, and I nearly did my back in trying to limbo under a fence. Was still a lovely trip though.

Wet socks and sadness
That is a nice boulder
Don't look down