17.05.16 — Journal

Georgia Visits

Another day, another 2-week-late blog post – but I’m here, I’m full of chorizo quesadillas, and I’m ready to bring you as up to date as I can. As you are well aware by now, I am chilling out (and also working, but it doesn’t really feel like work) here in the glorious city of Madrid. Alone until my dad’s visit a few weeks ago, I was also recently joined by my friend Georgia, who I got to know as one of the other UGRL Scholars – have a nosey at the latest UGRLS antics here

Me and Georgia hit the city

We started off by blazing through all the must-see sights of Madrid, before slowing the pace down a little, which was when we accidentally stumbled across a beautiful traditional parade, which I was told by some Spanish ladies I got talking to had come all the way to Madrid from Seville in the south of the country.

Parading below the bridge
Of course there were bulls

Whilst George was here in the city it was also my birthday, but I am well renowned for not celebrating it (or delaying it by months), and so we took it easy and had some Mexican food and margaritas. The best part of the day was when George handed me the present she’d brought over – a box of Tetley Tea – decaffeinated and all!

Best present ever

We also happened to chance upon a food market down at the Matadero, where I wasted no time in making a beeline for a paella stand. George grabbed a burger, we both grabbed a glass of tinto de verano (a little bit like sangría), and laid by the river for a while.

Food market in full swing

All too soon, though, it was time for Georgia to head back to the airport and to her work placement back in England, and I was off back to designing and dishing out hobnobs in the Erretres studio. It was another lovely few days though, and we even managed to catch a military parade for the “Day of Madrid” celebrations on the evening before she left!

Horses in Plaza Mayor

As I write this my mum, auntie, and uncle have just about landed back down in my auntie’s flat in Murcia, after also visiting the city for an extended weekend – but I have yet to process all the photos from that, so I should hopefully be back with another update in the next couple of days!

Until then, I leave you with una de las canciones más madrileñas (one of the most typically Madrid songs) I can think of – “Una Estrella En Mi Jardín”. Click here, wait at least until the drama begins at 1:39, and enjoy. Turn on the subtitles if you fancy a sing-along.