29.12.15 — Journal

More Christmas Wandering

As is tradition in the Briggs household, our festive gluttony was once again delayed a day until Boxing Day, where we were sure to make good the lack of turkey, trifle, and other indulgences from the day before. My mum cooked up a storm with a lovely Christmas Dinner, featuring turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and all the vegetables and trimmings you could possibly want.

Credit to me for the festive decor

Post-feasting and after an evening of party games, we felt guilty after having gorged ourselves so, and decided to head out once again into the surprisingly mild country air. I was interested in seeing how the flooding had subsided, and I thought I might as well go out into the mud seeing as my Docs were still caked in mud after our Christmas Eve wandering.

Lovely reservoir

The floods of the day before had actually left minimal damage, besides a ricketier than usual road up to the top of the hill. Having only to dodge a few newly formed lakes along the route, we easily made our way around the reservoir and back home before dark.

My auntie and uncle
My mum and dad

It was lovely and refreshing to head outside, especially after having spent so much time inside switching instantaneously from gouging on turkey to shovelling handfuls of jelly beans and Quality Street into my face. We were soon back, however, motivated by the premise of a lovely warm mug of tea and some of the home-made Victoria Sponge which I’d made a couple of days prior. Bliss.

A very wintery skyline