02.01.15 — Journal

Sky Sports Internship

If the title of this post didn’t already give the game away, I’ve recently been offered an internship to work with the design team at Sky Sports early next year!

The process of securing a placement was a lot of work but a lot of fun. This academic year I chose Web Design as one of my elective university modules, in which we were told that we were to embark on a live brief set by Sky Sports.

The brief, it transpired, was to redesign the video section of the Sky Sports website. We had ten weeks in which to come up with a solution, with eight out of thirty of us being chosen to pitch our ideas to Sky in the final week.

I procured a design which was very simple in comparison to some of the other innovative ideas I saw flying around, but I refused to deviate from my usual utilitarian approach. I did, however, imbue my designs with some innovative features, such as incorporating new interaction through gestures, refining minor features such as the copy used in the time stamps, and adding a “buffer zone” of active area around buttons on touchscreen devices.

I’m super pumped to have won this opportunity to work with one of the leaders in media and broadcasting, and I am very grateful of Sky for allowing me the opportunity to work on a live brief and present my work to them. I have already had the chance to ask for some really useful feedback from the team.

All in all good start to 2015! Now on with the final push to launch this Burnley Arts Centre site…