03.01.15 — Journal

Warm Milkshake

Today I was working away on some design tasks and was suddenly hit by a wave of cabin fever, after having spent a good few weeks in my home office slaving away over projects such as the Burnley Arts Centre Site and this very site.

I decided to jump in the car and drive myself and my dad (my parents have kindly put me on their insurance policy) to Hebden Bridge, one of my favourite places to escape to.

A house on a hill

It was lovely and refreshing to get out and about, wandering up and down the valley and visiting all the niche independent shops that Hebden Bridge has to offer. I made my habitual stops at the traditional sweet shop and at the Innoventions shop in the mill, for some vanilla fudge and incense sticks respectively.

Some creepy foliage in the valley

My dad took me on a wander to an area through which I haven’t been before, and I spied a couple of cool things, the first being this lovely piece of hand type on an old garage door:

Hand typography in Hebden Bridge

The second being this quirky little terrace which the owner has blitzed with plant pots (and a hanging bicycle!)…

A terrace bustling with plant life

I had wanted to sit down in a cool little cafe and have some vegetarian lunch, but my dad insisted that we didn’t have time to spare, and so I settled for a shared portion fish and chips accompanied by my, umm, interesting milkshake.

I had visited my usual haunt, the Milk Bar, a great place where they’ll blitz any type of chocolate or confectionary into an ice cream, and ordered something a bit different (I usually get bubblegum Millions sweets liquified into a shake) – a peanut butter shake. I was then, however, asked if I wanted it hot or cold… Huh?

I asked for hot, wondering what it would entail, and was soon presented with a delicious smelling shake which was, sure enough, hot to touch. Dubious, I took a sip, and it was absolutely delicious! It had been made by mixing steamed milk with the peanut butter and ice cream mix, and tasted like a peanut butter hot chocolate without the chocolate – it was perfect for the decidedly cool weather.

I’m now home, it’s 9pm, and I’m in bed. Weeks of work and then a full day on my feet have drained me, and so an early night it is. I have to be all good and well for Monday when I’m doing a presentation on Social Media and Branding to the entire staff cohort at Burnley Arts Centre – eek!