17.10.15 — Journal

Spanish With The Briggses

So just the other day I was inspired by a YouTube video of Americans trying to pronounce some Spanish words, and wondered what it’d be like if the British gave it a shot, seeing as we seem to clog up the shores of Spain every summer. I rounded up five members of my family, printed off some cue cards with some of the nastiest Spanish words I could think of, and began recording.

Have a look at some of the words (and resultant expressions pulled) that I subjected them to…

Odontología meaning Dentistry
Ellie doesn’t like these words
Acercarse meaning To Approach
No, it’s not pronounced ‘arse’
Odontología meaning Dentistry
My dad convinced he was ‘nearly right’
Foca meaning Seal
One must be careful when pronouncing this word
Embarazada meaning Pregnant
Ellie realises she just inadvertently threatened to get pregnant
Embarazada meaning Pregnant
My mum realising she just said that she’s ‘very pregnant’