30.10.15 — Journal

Fright Nights & Autumn Days

Hello there blog readers, it’s been a while! I apologise for my absence, and as ever I will blame it on the increasingly heavy workload that I’m trundling my way through with my Design Council × Burnley Arts Centre project! Updates on that will be coming soon, but for now I’d like to talk about some spooky goings on here in Burnley…

Just the other night at work I spent over 12 hours as photographer, technician, matron, and leftover-pizza-eater at work – all in the name of fundraising, of course! Lots of young people signed up to our Fright Night event, subjecting themselves to an evening and sleepover of spooky stories in the woods, halloween-themed drama activities and scary films in the theatre – all of which included a few more spooks than they’d bargained for!

An amazing Fright Night pumpkin brought in by one of the participants

With the sound of a baby’s cry in the woods after a terrifying story about a lost child, an apparition of a woman dressed in white in the foyer and then the tech box, and the discovery of a young child’s toy with accompanying creepy music-box tunes, we had loads of fun setting the scene and coming up with crafty ideas of ways to spook the participants!

Spooky snacks made by the young people

After a while, however, it was time to settle down for the night, however me and Jess had bagged ourselves the unenvious graveyard shift, 4am – 8am. After a couple of hours of light sleep in our sleeping bags in the office, we’d to get up and make sure everyone was asleep and surviving the night!

The event was loads of fun, and we managed to raise a great amount of money for the theatre – and everyone appreciated the unlimited toast in the morning! I, however, endured a day in the life of what it must be like for my mum after a night shift – which mainly consists of feeling sick and having a constant headache.

The day after this, and with a newfound respect for my mum, I decided to take my camera with me for a walk to work. The trees have begun to shed and I wanted to try and get a few photos of the beautiful colourful British autumn before they were fully bare! Here’s a couple of my favourites:

Leaves, leaves everywhere
No entry

That’s about it for now – later this week I’ll be back with some even nicer photos from a stroll through my home village of Worsthorne (and Hurstwood), and an update on my Design Council project, with my new title of Branding & Communications Designer.