02.06.17 — Journal

Summer Hits Hyde Park

As I mentioned in my blog post centred around my time in Burnley, we have also been enjoying the sun back over in Leeds too, and so one day I got a bit stir crazy and decided to head out with my cameras through the student area of Hyde Park. I took with me my digital Canon and old manual Praktica film camera, and I had the film developed quite quickly thereafter, and so for once I can bring you both the digital and the film scans at the same time.

Summer study days
Heading out past the law school
The sun creeps into the park

The film camera once again yielded some lovely shots, including the one above where the sun has created a lovely halo on the film. For more photos from the camera you’ll see them throughout this post but also some shots from Portugal and Germany which I have uploaded in the past.

The layers of Hyde Park history
The sky rolls in over the moor

Pretty much the entirety of the student population had crawled out of their Hyde Park houses and flooded onto the moor to enjoy the sun, and I wandered through pretty aimlessly to soak up some of the heat.

Students on the moor
The sun begins to set

I then re-entered the gloriously messy student housing area and took a couple of photos on the old camera which compliment the redbrick aesthetic of Hyde Park, including the only gaslit cinema still in existence in the UK – Hyde Park Picture House.

The picture house

I hope you enjoyed having a snoop through the student area as much as I have living there and taking the opportunity to stave off my cabin fever – it was lovely to actually leave the house after some busy deadlines!