30.09.17 — Journal

Surprise News

I have to admit that I’ve been hiding a little secret from the general public for a couple of weeks now, as I wanted to ensure that everything was concrete and sorted before publicly breaking the news. If this post seems like it has a familiar tone then you may remember my last blog post which contained exciting news which was posted in February 2016. At that time I had managed to secure myself a work placement with Erretres in Madrid for six months, and I was over the moon!

As some of you probably know by now I had a great time whilst I was out there, from my initial move out to moving studios to eventually having to come back home for my final year of university. After this and a fun and stress filled final year I graduated this summer and suddenly I was thrust into the big bad adult world of trying to find a job and balance the books.

My family have been a great help in allowing me back home and I once again began working at Burnley Youth Theatre where I have been involved in various capacities since 2012 – they really helped me find my passion for design and get me on track for further experience all through university. After working with an array of fabulous people and companies such as Sky, Elmwood and indeed Erretres, I was faced with the dilemma of deciding where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.

I always knew that after my time at Erretres I somehow wanted to move back to Madrid, a city which I fell in love with during my first visit back in October 2015, but I did also love working as part of the great team at the studio. To this end I got back in touch with creative director Pablo and began discussions about possibly returning, and so it’s at this point I can reveal that I have accepted a job offer to return to Madrid and join the Erretres team!

The past week or two have been absolutely crazy, especially with a trip to Lisbon thrown in, but I have been managing to slowly get my arrears together in order to move to Spain. It’s all still a blur, even though as this post goes live I will be sat on a plane flying to Madrid, and I cannot describe how excited and mildly terrified I am. I land today, Saturday 30th September, and my first day back at the studio will be Monday 2nd October. No rest for the wicked!

It’s all still a blur, even though as this post goes live I will be sat on a plane flying to Madrid, and I cannot describe how excited and mildly terrified I am.

This all means that I will be now permanently based in the Spanish capital for the foreseeable future, and my trips back to the UK will probably be somewhat sporadic and infrequent due to the cost of flying at peak times such as public holidays. Have no fear however, as I will be updating my blog just as often as ever to bring you all the goings on from my upcoming big city life – which from now on will all also be posted in Spanish too as my fluency (hopefully) improves!

As ever I extend an open invitation for anybody I know who’d like to come visit or is passing through the city – most weekends I’ll be free and more than happy to show people around. Just let me know in advance!

Until then I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped me achieve what I’ve always wanted to do; be in the city I love working amongst some hilarious people for an amazing design studio. I shall, to that, raise a sangría – cheers! Or maybe that should be a hearty ¡salud!…