05.04.17 — Journal

Surprise Site Launch

Hello everybody and welcome to my new look website! As I’ve mentioned in posts in the past, it’s a design I’ve been working on for a while, and I’ve finally managed to launch it tonight – as a bit of a surprise as I haven’t really given any warning. The new site incorporates a tonne of new and improved features – check a couple of my favourites out below:

  • Projects — A much improved look at the design and other projects I’ve been up to recently.
  • Travel Diary — A new-look overview of my travels which includes photos, recommendations of what to do, and of course what to eat.

If you notice any problems or bugs in the site, please feel free to grab a screenshot or write and get in touch via my new contact page! I’ll be adding plenty more pages, blog posts, and features to the new design as I go on, so stay tuned!