15.10.13 — Journal

T-Shirts & Wine Gums

I join you after another busy day of work and play! To clear up any confusion – this is today’s post, the one I posted earlier was yesterday’s belated post. Anyway, I’ve been busily continuing my work for Blaze using the icons I created yesterday – and I’ve just wrapped up the designs for the Blaze Festival Crew’s t-shirts!

Apart from this work, we all sat down as a flat and watched the genius that is Sacha Baron Cohen in “Brüno” – a film which continues to render me happily speechless with it’s daring stunts and total disregard for traditional preconceptions of what is socially acceptable. I’m on a bit of a film marathon at the moment, first “V For Vendetta” and now “Brüno”. I promise I’ve been doing some work amongst all this – I’ve been set the challenge of reading a Spanish novel by my fab Spanish professor, Ricardo! It’ll be a challenge but it should be fun.

So this evening I’m sitting down to redesign the look of my uni room and shift all my LED lighting around once more. Here’s a pic of my room which I took after the first week:

My university room

But now I feel as though I’ve read so much Spanish, eaten so much toast and done so much Illustrator work today that I deserve another packet of wine gums and a brew. One day I’ll get round to going to the library and chewing through some more of my reading list – but today is not that day. I’m too ill.

Also, I do apologise for being sporadic with the posts, I will resume normal practice soon – but do be sure to check out my good friend Rhea’s blog, she posts some amazing designs and a great commentary of what’s going down in Leeds!