13.10.13 — Journal

The Monograms Are Done

It’s Sunday, I’ve managed to miss another day of writing my blog, and I’m still ill. I should be back in Leeds right now but I’m going to take the Monday off and travel back tomorrow evening to give myself another 24 hours to recover a bit more. I’m going to miss my beloved Monday morning graphics workshop but I’m sure I can catch up, at least I can now these monograms are finally done!

The ‘studio‘ subtitles all need work, but they were added in yesterday morning over the space of 15 minutes and whilst I was recoiling after less than two hours sleep, so I think the dodgy kerning and lame typeface choices can be excused for now. No doubt I’ll be dragged up on them anyway!

In other news, it’s nice to be back at home in the ‘green room’ and spending some time with my family – even if most of my time has been spent with my head in my hands suffering coughing fits. We went out for a coffee and an ice cream at Slater’s this afternoon which was nice, and I spent some time on the Microsoft Surface, which I’m considering buying.

Also, I’ve finally decided which new phone to buy myself – an iPhone 5C in white. I took a good look at the iPhone 5S but I don’t like the way the ‘space grey’ model scratches easily, and the white glass front on the other models has always, and will always, look tacky and out of place whilst detracting from the vibrance of the screen. Additionally, I feel like the design of the 5C has been given a lot more thought than that of the 5S, the latter device feels over complicated and distant from the design of the software – even Ive himself seems a lot more passionate about the 5C than the 5S.