02.09.17 — Journal

Village Life, Village Drama

Living in the village I call my own can sometimes be a little dull, but every now and then a lovely moment arises which makes me appreciate it a little more. The other night we headed out for a stroll over the hills behind my house and stumbled upon a lovely sunset and a group of sheep which decided that I was to be their leader and so began to follow me…

I do love a good sky
My new crew

Another day I got all Mary Berry and decided to make some buns, but 50 buns later I decided it was time to use the spare cake mix on something else, and so found a couple of small tart tins and made a mini Victoria sponge – we even drove out to get some fresh cream for it.

What's this, a cake for ants?!

It hasn’t all been quite so plain sailing in the village though, as my mother managed to cause chaos by managing to pop one of our car’s tyres on the way home from the shops. This meant that the entire neighbourhood had to listen to the drama unfolding on the street as my mum and sister arrived atop a recovery lorry…

Ellie's having a great time
Home in one piece

Amongst all this I’ve been working hard to get my new website built, and I’m pleased to report that it’s coming along nicely. It’s been a bit of a drag though, there’s papers all over my room full of numbers and calculations and the week has been filled with a lot of swearing at my laptop as CSS declines to behave as predicted…

Calculations for days

I’ll soon be bringing you some previews of the design, so watch this space! This weekend however is time for a bit of relaxation and maybe a trip to Blackpool to check out the new illuminations. What a childhood throwback!