07.11.13 — Journal

Wandering & Writing

Yesterday was a particularly eventful day so I thought I’d bring you up to speed, especially since half a week has gone by…

First up, I’ve been working on some new designs for Burnley Youth Theatre, namely the new building promotional brochure. I’ve embedded a couple of photos below but you can also read the whole thing online here. I opted for some lovely typography and a striking colour choice to clash with the naturally toned hero building images.

But back from Burnley to Leeds, we’ve had some quite charming weather recently (interspaced with periods of deceivingly light showers which soak you to the skin)…

The view from my university window.

And of course, it was bonfire night on Tuesday! Gutted as I was that I couldn’t seem to track down any treacle toffee from anywhere, me and Danni managed to cook some delicious hot dogs and had a great time watching the fireworks in Hyde Park!

Me and Danni at Bonfire Night in Leeds

And now this weekend I’ll be off to the German Christmas Market down in Leeds city center – I wandered past it en route to the train station yesterday and it’s coming along at speed!