03.11.13 — Journal

Brief Feedback Time

So here I am on a Sunday evening finalising some PDFs to print for a feedback session with my tutor tomorrow morning, in which I’ll get feedback on my (almost) final designs for our first two briefs:

  • Brief 1 – A personal monogram
  • Brief 2 – A poster promoting a font

The monograms haven’t really changed all that much since I last posted them on here, but I’ve got a couple of poster designs that I’ll be presenting for the first time.

The first is aimed at designers working in the fashion/clothing markets, and highlights Optima’s frequent and successful use in the marketing of ‘a la mode’ goods through the use of the ‘little black dress’ image (made entirely of brackets and other glyphs).

The second poster is aimed at a similar audience, but utilising a ‘scenario’ with which many fashion workers will be familiar – the queue lines to get into the Pandora stores. Once again, the graphics are all made of glyphs from the Optima font family, and the reddish colour is included to suggest luxury and high fashion (like a red carpet).

So far the main problem is the text alignment on both – they’re both very matching and conventional in their layout. I’m sure my tutor will drag me up on it tomorrow!

Anyway, here’s some little snaps I took on my way back into Leeds from Hebden Bridge, my favourite little town in Yorkshire. Their train station is so charming, and it flooded me with childhood memories, as my dad used to take me and my sister on a return train journey someplace (where we wouldn’t even leave the train – riding the train was an experience in itself!)

Hebden Bridge train station
A handmade sign
Trees outside the train station

So I’ll be sure to write here again – so long as I don’t keel over and die of starvation – I really need to hurry on down to Morrison’s with Em and do some food shopping! I made Spanish omelette tonight which was crap. I’ll leave you on that jovial note.