02.11.13 — Journal

Home Sweet Home

I’m now back home for this weekend after travelling over on Thursday evening and spending the night in my bed, upon which my mum has kindly piled a frivolous number of pillows and cushions. Spent last night with my sister making some photo frames that we designed together whilst we were on holiday earlier this year, and the finished products look quite nice!

The Polaroid boards

During the day I went on a walk with my mum over the countryside in which my village sits. We followed a path we used to do almost every day over the summer, but the trees and fields are now looking decidedly more autumnal and cool.

A view down towards Hurstwood

We also went out shopping for some new fish, and I found the slow-mo setting on my new phone, a setting which I’m sure I’ll be having some cinematographic fun with in the near future. I also found that it was quite nice to use when trying to get photos of fast-moving objects like these clownfish in the pet shop.

A couple of clownfish shot in slo-mo

I’ve also been taking the time to finally spend time in and appreciate my room. I’ve been shuffling a few things round and taking some stuff out (naturally) to make it even more simple. If you’ve read my post about designing my bedroom and my post about doing up my uni room then you’ll appreciate the two different extremes of my design vision – one totally cluttered and the other clinically sparse.

A panorama of my room

So as far as the past couple of days have gone, that’s all I’ve really been up to – well that is, apart from this monotonous art history essay that I’ve to get done over this weekend. But with regards to more exciting things, tonight I’m going out to my friends for a bonfire and a good ol’ brew and a catch up, and I might even take an hour or so out to go wandering over the moors again to take some classically autumn photos. I shall report back if I do so!