18.09.15 — Journal

Website Updates Coming Soon

A quick update (see: warning) to let you all know that my site shall be having a bit of work done on it over the next few weeks, and so some things may not work as expected or may be shifted around slightly! I’m hoping to add some exciting new pages and features such as a travel section, dedicated photography area, as well as getting my portfolio up to scratch and generally updating anything that’s evaded my attention over the last year or so of my site running.

I’ll be sure to keep you all informed as best as I can, however if you find something which seems to have gone horrendously wrong, it’s probably me being an idiot – so do feel free to get in touch at any point. I shall post any updates as I go along, and invite a few of you all to test out new features for me, and will be back with a long post in a few weeks looking over everything that’s changed/been added.

Until then, it’s back to the daily grind. I write this from a fancy new MacBook in Leeds’ Apple Store, whilst waiting for my dad to turn up so we can run off and eat Five Guys and watch The Glass Menagerie at the West Yorkshire Play House this evening. Exciting!