11.04.15 — Journal

Working With Sky Sports

It’s the weekend, and I’ve just finished my internship with Sky Sports, and what a busy time it has been! Upon my arrival I was presented with a brief, and then for the duration of my stay I was labelled as the ‘internet of things’ intern.

I started by researching what the new trend of the ‘internet of things’ may have in store for us consumers over the next few years, exploring devices which are just entering the market such as the Apple Watch and connected home appliances (see Amazon’s recent announcement of the Amazon Dash).

The ‘internet of things’, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, describes the recent trend of having everyday appliances and electronics connected to the internet in order to imbue them with more functionality: think a fridge that could text you to say you’re running out of milk or a plant pot which will email you to water the plants. It sounds like science fiction, but those familiar will be well aware that the internet of things and home automation are rapidly taking off. Just this morning I ordered the Apple Watch, a device which will tap me on my wrist to let me know when there’s something that needs my attention.

Over the week I wound up designing a whole new live sports experience, integrating with a range of Sky’s existing products and services. I have to digress now, however, as I am bound to secrecy – but some of the work will make its way on to my portfolio once I have collated it and it has been green-lit by the Sky Sports team.

And so in other news I am writing this as I sit on a (very delayed) train back to the green land that is Worsthorne, where I captured this adorable little lamb on my new camera as I went a-wandering a few days ago.

A lamb in a field near home

Over the coming week, before I return back to Leeds, I shall be completing my latest brief: designing a cookbook for an undisclosed client…

I apologise that this post doesn’t say all that much about anything, but I wanted to keep you as up to date as I could whilst sinking ever deeper into pool of non-disclosure agreements. Ahh – the joys of work!