19.04.15 — Journal

Our Mini Heatwave

Over the past few days the sun over Burnley has done the unthinkable, and emerged from its hideout above the dark valley clouds to bless us with a few days of weather which is good enough that we may emerge from our homes and breathe some actual fresh air.

Dramatic as this statement may seem, it belies not the sentiment of us Burnley folk, for it is rare that such days occur. Anyway, making the most of this temporarily lapse in the usually constant downpour, I decided to go on a few little trips…

The first was not all that adventurous, I merely stepped out of my house and took an hour’s walk around my local reservoir, but it was nice enough. I took my new camera out and snapped what I could along the way, including the looming electrical lines and a funky looking tree that my mother clambered into. 

The path along the reservoir
My mum in a broken tree

Today the weather was even so nice as to warrant a trip to my favourite ice cream parlour, Slater’s Ices in Nelson, and so my dad bravely let me drive there. I ordered my favourite bubblegum ice cream, and somehow managed to get the majority of it in my hair. I really have no idea how.

Me and my ice cream
Hell yeah bubblegum and hundreds & thousands

On the drive back my dad suggested that we make a quick detour and stop off at Reedley Marina, a local marina sitting on the Leeds Liverpool canal which runs through Burnley. Camera still in tow, I took the opportunity to take even more photos. I have never been down on such a nice day, and it was very nice to be able to sit by the waterside for a while and enjoy the views of Pendle Hill, for once not shrouded in a grey fog.

Pendle Hill over the canal
All lined up and going nowhere

On the way out I found this strange mirror just left perched up against a fence, so I went in and snapped a photo. It reminded me of my friend Hannah Whitlow‘s artwork which uses mirrors and other media to explore spaces. You should go check it out.

Reflections of nature

In other news I once again plundered Lush for more bath bombs and other goodies, and finally picked up a “Granny Takes A Dip” bath bomb – and what fabulous colours it made! I ran to grab my camera and take some snaps.

Granny Takes  A Dip

And so I end my colourful blog post looking forward to my return to Leeds tomorrow. It’ll be a busy final run up to summer, with internship applications and project deadlines looming, but it should be lots of fun. Seeing as I’m looking forward to summer, you should check out my friend Emma’s blog, “The Simplest of Things”. She posts a beautiful mix of recipes, stunning photos and uplifting playlists which are sure to bring a smile to your face. Do check it out.