27.02.15 — Journal

Eating Food & Catching Trains

So let’s begin the most important thing: food. The other day, as many of you will know, was Pancake Day, and so I decided to eat nothing but pancakes after midday. After about six pancakes, however, I decided to wave a white flag and invite my housemates to join in and help.

Cookin' a pancake

Luisa, meanwhile, was delivered some obviously hilarious news, and ended up on the floor alongside the kettle she was using. I only mention this as I found the resulting picture to be a work of art. Check it out:

What was so hilarious that this happened?

This week in uni I have been finishing off and submitting my Principles Of Typography essay plan as well as creating a series of stripe designs for my Design Theory module. As obscure as some found this task, I understood it’s importance in the exploration of design theory, which I am sure to bear in mind whilst I create designs.

Anyway, after a lecture in the infamous Roger Stevens building, I wandered out the wrong door and found myself on a balcony I’d never encountered before, but which offered a lovely view back towards the city.

A view from Roger Stevens.

In less academically demanding news, me and Danni met up for a Laynes Espresso and a lunch date at Trinity Kitchen, and I opted for something a little different – vegetarian steamed buns. These had shiitake mushrooms, cheese and spinach in them, and were served with noodles and tonnes of delicious vegetables. They were delicious. Just take a look how colourful it was!

Steamed buns from Trinity Kitchen.

In a feeble attempt to replicate the deliciousness of this exotic food, I decided to use up some of my taco shells and lettuce, and cooked up a batch of vegetarian chilli using Quorn. Stuffed with this chilli, I added cheese, onion, lettuce and sour cream to create a couple of crunchy tacos.

Okay – so as you have probably gathered I have been eating many things as of late, but I am still keeping to my pescatarian diet. But that’s not all I’ve been up to – I also headed back to Burnley for another research trip (see my first here) to take some more photos to be used in my final outcomes. I’ll leave you with a triad of photos of my town…

Burnley Town Hall.
The underside of a canal bridge.