04.03.15 — Journal

Blackpool & IKEA

Another quick and strange hybrid blog post now, which will outline two events in the space of a weekend on the opposite sides of the country but which happened in two consecutive days. I’ve been on a lot of trains recently…

But do disregard my moaning, because I’ve actually had a great weekend.

Firstly, me and the usual design gang grouped up and, after a last minute rush to get everyone fed and out the door, rolled up at IKEA in Leeds. Nothing says ‘design student’ like an organised day trip to IKEA which was not initiated in any way by anyone actually needing to buy anything; however it was a shame that Izzy opted not to purchase this delightful seasonal bonnet…

Em and Izzy in IKEA

After a long day on our feet, we returned home and everyone scattered and wandered back to their respective houses. However, there’s no rest for the wicked! I quickly made myself a smoked salmon salad and then headed back off out again, Burnley bound and ready for an early start.

Why, You may ask? Because it’s that time of year again: the time when me and Danni spend the day eating hot dogs, riding coasters and generally making a nuisance of ourselves at Blackpool Pleasure Beach! (See last year’s trip here.)

The weather wasn’t in our favour unfortunately, with near-zero temperatures and some nasty rain plaguing the day and causing the Big One to shut down (aww) – but a bit of water never stopped Ollie and Danni. We trekked around the park, which after six years worth of annual trips we know like the back of our hand, and rode everything we could.

The weather and our busy schedule meant I only managed to snap one single photo from the day, so here it is, in all its vain selfie glory!

Me and Danni at the Pleasure Beach

So what am I up to now? Well I’ve just this afternoon been in the School of Design, assisting with an open day and taking prospective students and their families on a guided tour of the campus. It’s great to speak to all the attendees and spread the word about how great Leeds is, not only as a university but as a place to spend three or more years of your life!

After this I met up with Kishore, my scholarship tutor, and we discussed how I am to develop and share my research so far with the public. This will be realised via the Leeds Design Lab website, which I’m currently working on updating, and will be published pretty soon. I’ll be back with updates and a link to my own little corner of the University of Leeds website – exciting!

That’s it for now I believe. I leave you with this song. I’m not sure why. Just enjoy.