14.05.14 — Journal

Work Hard, Play Hard

After a few weeks of being invisible, during which I spent most of my time in the university Library or in Belgrave Music Hall, I am back from the dead!

It’s been a very, very busy few weeks working on our group work projects, which have now all been handed in and our presentations complete. We worked on two projects, and had to create a 6-8 page A3 booklet for each, before presenting our ideas in a ten-minute presentation to our tutors.

  1. Leeds Brief — To raise the public’s awareness of something unique to Leeds
  2. Persuasion Brief — To convince 25-35 year old women to sign up for rock climbing

However, in the weeks leading up to this, I’ve been on a few trips to all sorts of different places, starting with good ol’Burnley! I nipped back to celebrate Burnley FC’s promotion, where the people gather on the street and parade with the players atop a double-decker bus!

Ellie enjoying the celebrations... alone
Me and my sister
Ellie causing a nuisance
The celebration after the match

Also, towards the end of Easter, me and Danni also nipped over to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a day of riding the rides and forgetting all our responsibilities! It was nice and quiet and we managed to get on everything at least twice!

Me and Danni on The Big One
Me and Danni looking happy on the River Caves

After Easter, I headed back to University to be greeted by a patch of lovely weather.

My department (Design) at the Uni of Leeds

Izzy took the chance to introduce me to Belgrave Music Hall, as mentioned earlier, and since that moment I seem to have spent a lot of time there…

Half-price-slice at Belgrave

We also managed to be down there for one of the Belgrave Street Feasts, and spent the day relaxing before our hand-in and eating plenty of food…

The street food stalls
My pulled pork salad
Luisa and her chicken satay sticks
My raspberry and white chocolate crepe
Primos hot dog

Me and Izzy also wandered down to Liberty Dock by the canal, and spent some time wandering round Leeds city centre with Luisa!

An old bike by the canal
Oh, and Luisa & Izzy made a cardboard castle

We also grouped together, and for the first time in years, I actually acknowledged my birthday somewhat. We went down to a cool bar/restaurant called Neon Cactus and got pulled pork nachos, enchiladas and mini tacos… and it was bliss. Followed up by a few cocktails at the bar, I had a really great day!

So recently life has been very busy and stressful, but has been punctuated by really great moments with friends and some great time out.