12.08.19 — Journal

Pool Parties & Food Fiestas

Since I returned from Germany nearly one month ago, it’s been a rather busy few weeks at work! In between colleagues heading off on their holidays and projects wrapping up as clients head off for the summer, we’ve all been busily working away, and so I’ve not really had the chance to sit down and update my blog.

The Madrid Regional Archives

This busy period meant I had to leave work late for a few days, but this did bring its benefits. The garden and are around my office was a lovely place to be to watch the setting sun, I was able to hitch a lift back home with my colleague Luis, and being around after hours wound up giving me an idea…

A smattering of pink flowers in the evening light at my office.

One advantage to leaving the office late is seeing the foliage in the evening light.

The sun sets as seen from my office entrance.

With one of the busiest weeks wrapping up, I had the idea of inviting my friend Bogar to the office to spend a Friday evening relaxing in the pool. This would be a lovely time to catch up, and a great way to unwind and feel like I was on holiday after a taxing few days.

The pool at my office.

After wishing my colleagues a good weekend and wrapping up a few bits of work before turning off my iMac for the weekend, Bogar rocked up at my office, and we cracked open some beers and snacks that I had bought earlier in the day. I gave a quick tour of the office, including the as-yet-unused underground rooms, and then we returned to the poolside for a few hours of snacks, gossip, and splashing around.

A view from the waterline of the pool.
Bogar looks out of the window of our office.

We even bought pizza, not pictured herein as we were too busy eating it.

Our beers by the pool.

Our little pool party was a lovely way to relax and welcome in the weekend, and after grabbing the bus back to the centre with Bogar, it was time to spend said weekend alone at home. Something I love doing to unwind is a spot of cooking, and a sudden craving for a risotto and a boxful of leftover mushrooms in my fridge meant that Saturday afternoon’s meal had been decided for me.

Watch out, there’s a wannabe gymnast on the bus.

Bogar stretching a leg up on the bus.
A mushroom risotto dish that I cooked.

I have to say that I was very proud of the result, especially seeing as it was my first shot at making a risotto. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of rice, and so it’s not a dish I would normally consider, but something had evidently planted the seed in my brain to trigger such a random craving!

The day after, I decided to actually leave my house, and met up with my friend Leo in the city centre for a drink. Braving Madrid’s summer heat, we had a lovely catchup sat at an outdoor terrace, after which he was kind enough to invite me to a delicious burger meal in a nearby spot. He always knows the best places to eat!

Me and Leo's burgers.
A sunset as seen looking down Gran Vía, Madrid.

This weekend just passed has also been a rather quiet affair, with a lot of cooking, chatting with friends, and even a little trip down the lake in order to kick back a little. This relaxed schedule also sets the tone rather nicely for this working week, as I’m only working for three days before a much needed 5-day weekend!

Looking over the lake at El Lago de la Casa de Campo, Madrid.

Of course I shall be trying my utmost best to make the very most of the upcoming long weekend, but my plans are still not 100% concrete, so I shan’t share anything on here just yet. Rest assured, however, that either way I shall be back with updates on whatever it is I eventually get up to…