12.01.15 — Journal

Welcome Back

Hello and welcome back to my sparkly new site which integrates my newly overhauled blog!

Unfortunately when my old blog went down, I lost the majority of my posts and images, but due to a lucky glitch I’ve been able to recover most of my text posts. If I get a spare moment I shall begin to re upload them here, where they will sit back in the archives where they once did.

Since my blog went down I have amassed some exciting updates to share with you, here’s a few highlights!

  1. I won an internship at Sky Sports
  2. The Burnley Arts Centre site has gone live
  3. My website has launched
  4. I’m off to Denmark and Sweden

I hope you enjoy having a good poke around my site. As I am on holiday as of Wednesday I shall not be bringing many updates or responding to any messages, but please do still get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to say or ask!