30.10.13 — Journal

Alton Towers

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but once again the whirlpool that is university life has had me tangled up for the past few days – mainly since I spent all of Sunday at Alton Towers with some friends from Graphics and the School of Design Society (or SODS).

Some of us waiting for the log flume

We managed to sneak onto two rides in the first twenty minutes – Air and Nemesis – which is quite an achievement seeing as though they’re two of the larger coasters whose queue times tend to exceed an hour!

In the queue for Nemesis

But then it all seemed to go wrong – we queued up for 45 minutes or so to get on their newest and supposedly greatest ride, “The Smiler”…

In the queue for The Smiler

Just to be told that it had broken down and was closed. To cheer ourselves up we went for burgers and then headed to Rita, a ride which I assured everyone would not break down.

It did.

We then decided to get on some rides which had next to no queue – the log flume and then the rapids! Which Rena had a really good time on…

Rena having fun on the River Rapids

All before heading off to Oblivion – which we managed to get on within five minutes! It was a great end to the day. Somehow we managed to walk onto half the rides and the other half we managed to break with our mere presence.

The three of us on the Flume

But all in all it was a great day with some great people. Nothing much productive occurred (as you can probably gather) but it was great to take some time out with people of a similar mindset. All geared up for the Graphics ‘disco’ later in November in Leeds city centre – even if I do still have the creepy music from The Smiler stuck in my head. Listen at your peril.