22.06.17 — Journal

Business Card Extravaganza

As I graduate soon I thought it’d be probably wise to get myself some business cards made, but with me being pernickety I decided that I was going to make my own so I could get them exactly as I wanted. I decided it should include the two most prominent features of my personal branding: the lightbulb logo and a vibrant shade of green.

This time however, I decided to max the green up as far as it would go – neon green.

The component layers of my business cards

To achieve the effect of my bulb lighting up in the neon green, and to add a tactile element to the design, I decided to laser cut the logo out of black card to layer over the neon paper I bought. The first step was to laser cut the sheets of black card, including small circles in each corner for alignment later on, and then glue these to the neon card.

Logos galore

Once this had been done, I aligned the printed thick white card to the rear of these sheets, and then cut out the individual cards using guidelines printed onto the white card.

To add a little bit more pizzazz and intrigue, I then piled these cut cards up and carefully sprayed each side with bright neon green spray paint. The result I found to be quite effective, and even more striking when business cards are stacked up to be taken by the public.

Spraying the cards and ruining our kitchen gloves
Some cards at my degree show

I am very pleased with the final result, which although quite basic in complexity, manages to be very eye-catching with it’s stark neon green and black colour scheme. Needless to say I put a huge pile of them out at the launch of my degree show (blog post on this to follow soon) and the next day all but one had been taken – not bad!

The cards in all their glory

As mentioned, there’ll be more news of my degree show and upcoming graduation very soon – as well as more photos which I have just today picked up from being developed. Prepare for some lovely photos of lots of random events from the past few months!