14.11.19 — Journal

Caudete on Film

As the winter chill begins to bite here in Madrid, it’s time to think of warmer summer days, days which were spent in Caudete de las Fuentes, Valencia. If you’re an avid reader, you may remember the week over summer that I spent with Rodrigo exploring his grandparents’ hometown and setting up a lighting show in the patio of their old house.

Three months after said shenanigans, I finally got round to having some rolls of film developed, which led to the post “Tenerife on Film” as a follow-up to my post detailing my trip to Tenerife even earlier in summer. In this quick post I shall do the same, sharing the few noteworthy snaps from my visit to Caudete de las Fuentes.

A film photo of sunlight setting on roofs and a church.
A film photo of Roberto setting up a speaker system.
A film photo of the courtyard of an old house.

As the messy, harsh look of a full flash and film camera remind me of days spent with disposable cameras as a child, I naturally took the majority of these photos at night. Our evenings in Caudete, as detailed in the main blog post, were spent listening to a range of music and snacking on bread, cured meats, and cheese.

The last photo on the reel was really rather eerie, showing the darkened figure of a man emerging from a run-down looking edifice. It was, in reality, a sneak shot that I took of Roberto as he emerged from the outdoor shower room.

With that, I round of this admittedly very short post. It reminds me of my first blog posts, where I used to write rather little in comparison to my often essay-length blog posts of recent. The shortness of this blog post is also due to the business of my work life and the therefore lacklustre state of my social life as of recent, but with a trip over to England coming up just next week, I’m sure that’s soon to change!