01.04.23 — Travel

Vermont on Film

Last year I spent a month of summer between Canada and the USA, which led to quite the list of blog posts documenting all of the different moments and places I visited along the way. Between all the moving around, however, the place I spent the most time was Vermont.

Vermont is one of the smallest states by size and the second smallest in terms of population, which I think make it a true hidden gem amongst the others that I visited such as New York and Florida. After a tour of the state by both Megan and her mum, Maureen, I knew it will now be a place that I regularly come back to!

Whilst there, I took my trusty old film camera on some of our outings, and I’ve recently had the second of the two rolls of film developed. I can thus finally share the shots of some of these great memories across the beautiful state of Vermont, with the first being from a tour of the islands of Lake Champlain that Maureen took me on.

The next few photos come from a weekend spent camping along the edge of another of the lake’s islands, which I documented in a blog post entitled “Bougie Camping”. This was partly due to the novelty of the new word I’d learned whilst there, and partly because the whole experience was rather bougie!

Despite the fanciness of our little trip, it was still a lovely opportunity to disconnect and chat into the early hours whilst making s’mores around a campfire. I still remember the fabulous pancakes we had the morning after, all of which were generously doused in Vermont maple syrup.

After this, the next lot of photos come from the baseball game I went to see with Megan and a bunch of other friends. This one evening was filled with many iconic moments, including the boxes of six 25¢ hotdogs we all bought, an absolutely insane sunset, and the tipsy antics we got up to in the bleachers (stalls) after a couple of huge cans of local beer!

Then there’s more photos from that same evening, but this time at Al’s Ice Cream. We wound up calling in late at this local institution more than once, but this evening the group of us wound up asking a group of old ladies who were also waiting for some ice cream to take a photo of us all. They didn’t do a great job, but the imperfection is what makes these photos fabulous!

The last set of photos comes from a day spent out in a field under the hot summer sun. This was to catch the annual show by Bread & Puppet, an indie theatre group from New York which put on a rather bizarre performance which became one of the most unique experiences I’ve lived over the last few years!

The very last photo now comes from the drive back to Burlington and a random field we stumbled upon along the way. We were hot, exhausted, and very thirsty after a long day out in the sun, so stopped off to have a quick dip in a shallow lake along the way. This was just before we wound up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, shuffling through the aisles of a dodgy gas station store (excuse the Americanisms) in the search for some drinks and light sustenance…

With these 18 photos I conclude this little look back over my time in Vermont, my favourite of all the states I’ve visited thus far – even if I’ve only been in three just yet. I have many more from the film camera, but I thought this selection summed up the trip well. I can’t wait to head back soon and take in even more of what the green mountain state has to offer!

For more on my time in the Canada and the USA, check out the list of all the blog posts I wrote documenting the trip. For more film photos, check out some shots in Madrid, Murcia, my neighbourhood, Tenerife, Leeds, Liverpool, and even Germany!