28.06.19 — Journal

Abi & Danni Visit

Once Em and Lincoln had headed back to England, one of my first free weekends in a good while ensued. I didn’t feel like doing much, preferring to sit at home alone to recuperate and save a bit of money, but Bogar managed to convince me to head out for a little picnic down by the river.

I lie in the grass by the river in Madrid.

After a lovely spot of sunbathing and a proper catch up, a week of work then ensued which then ended with my next summer activity – a visit from Danni and Abi! The last time they visited was back in 2016, when they flew over for a few days whilst I was completing my internship was Erretres, so it was exciting to have them back again!

Their visit began with an epic battle in the airport, as droves of people had poured into the arrivals lounge for the arrival of what I assume was a big flight or possibly some kind of famous person. Once I’d managed to find the two of them and plucked them out of the crowd, we headed straight for my flat and spent the rest of the day relaxing and chatting.

That evening, however, it was about time that the three of us had a good few drinks and headed out together – it’s been a while since we all last went out as a three! Heading once again to my favourite cheesy karaoke bar, the three of us sang along to Queen, Bowie, and – of course – the typical cheesy local hits.

Me, Danni, and Abi sit in a karaoke bar in Madrid.
Me and Danni sit in a karaoke bar in Madrid.

We didn’t head to bed all too late, so the next day we were up bright and early(ish) and full of energy, heading to the park for a picnic with the food we’d picked up from Mercadona the day before. From there we headed down to Malasaña, as the Pinta Malasaña (Paint Malasaña) event was well underway, with local artists renewing the street art which coats the vibrant walls of the neighbourhood. I caught this event last year too, when Kevin visited me in Madrid, but this time I didn’t think to take a single photo of the shenanigans – oops!

The next day we headed down to Parquesur, a shopping centre in the south of the city, but we managed to end up way off course! Just when we thought we couldn’t walk through any dodgier areas, I realised that we’d headed the wrong way, and so we had to perform a u-turn and head all the way back through said questionable area! After having to make a dash for it across a slip road, however, we did eventually make it to Parquesur in one piece.

Later that evening, and once back in the city centre, I decided we should try to do something a little different. For the first time since me and Kevin made the creaky journey over the trees of the Casa de Campo, the three of us jumped on the Teleférico (cable car), taking a little trip to enjoy some of the best views back over the city.

Danni, me, and Abi take a selfie by the Casa de Campo Teleférico Station overlooking Madrid.
Danni, me, and Abi by the Casa de Campo Teleférico Station overlooking Madrid.

With a lovely evening meal to conclude Abi and Danni’s visit to the city, we headed back to my flat for an early night – they, like visitors gone by, would be up early to catch a taxi to the airport, and I’d be up to see them off and get myself off to work.

I had a fabulous few days with two of my oldest and dearest friends here in the city, and I can only hope that they’ll be able to come back and visit again very soon. If nothing else, however, I will be back over to see Sigrid live in Leeds with Danni in November, so I do at least have that to look forward to for now!

Now I must wrap this blog post up, as the next weekend saw the arrival of one of my summer’s last visitors – I shall once again leave it as a little surprise. Until then, it’s time for me to head down to Murcia for a weekend relaxing with my parents!